2021-2022  Tuition and Fees 



Annual Registration Fee: 

Student: $40 or Family: $60

Monthly Tuition

1 class: $60.00 

2 classes: $85.00 

3 classes: $110.00 

4 classes: $125.00

5 classes: $140.00

6 classes: $155.00


Private Lessons: 

   (4) 45 minute lessons: $120

Semi Private Lessons:

   (4) 45 minute lessons: $90 per student 


Additional Costs:

  • Recital Costume: $65 per class (1/2 due in Jan. & 1/2 due in Feb) and Recital Fee: Student $35/Family $50 (Due in March)

  • Shoes, leotards, and other dancewear can be purchased through DancePraize's online store (the store is accessible through the parent portal) ($15-$140 estimated cost depending on age & class)

Acting and art classes have an annual supply fee ($80 for art; $25 for acting) charged during registration. 

Baton Twirling class has a baton fee ($50) charged during registration.  


Tuition payments are due the first week of class each month. Checks may be placed in the ‘tuition mailbox’ located in the DancePraize waiting room. Tuition can also be set up on auto-pay through the parent portal or through PayPal at info@dancepraize.com.  

A $10 per week late fee will be charged if tuition is not received by the 20th of the month.  

A 25% discount is offered to families with more than one student.  Discount will be applied to tuition fees for 2nd student, 3rd student, etc.


A recital will be held in the Spring to encourage students to demonstrate to family and friends what they have accomplished during the year. Anyone missing more than 8 classes throughout the year will not be allowed to perform in the recital.  


Costumes - Tasteful, age-appropriate costumes will be chosen for each dance number. Anyone participating in the recital is required to purchase a costume in January. A student’s costume will not be ordered unless all fees (including the costume fee) and tuition are up-to-date.  

New for 2021......DancePraize is excited to announce that we will be having a Christmas Recital on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at Jones Performing Arts Center.  This is a new endeavor for DancePraize, but a FUN and FESTIVE one.  Please mark it on your calendar!  We will not have a required recital fee, but we will have a costume fee that can be paid throughout September-December. Most classes will participate.